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Psybership Everything Your Business Needs to Automate the Shipping Process in a Turn Key Solution

Why your business needs an in-house complete computerized shipping solution:

If youíre in business you probably ship stuff out, a lot of stuff. You FedEx, you UPS, you Mail, you USPS and if youíre not handling all this in house, itarrow means lots of trips to the UPS Store, FedEx Kinkoís Shop or the Post Office. It also means that you are paying a premium for shipping each and every one of those packages. You didnít think they did all this for free, did you?

Truth be told, if you handled all this yourself and had the packages picked up, you could get huge discounts and have the convenience of not having to lugpsybership shipping solution things to the SUV, drive all that way only to have to lug everything into the store. You could save money and your back, two good reasons to DIY.

But if youíre like most business folks, you donít quite know whatís necessary to set up your own computerized shipping center let alone how to get everything to work together seamlessly. Thatís where we @ Psychsoftpc come in. Weíve been putting together complete shipping solutions for private UPS stores and FedEx shipping centers for some time now and it occurred to us that other folks could benefit from something like this too.

So we @ Psychsoftpc are offering the Psybership Turnkey Shipping Solution to general businesses. It has everything you need to get started shipping those packages, boxes and whatever else right away and comes completely configured right out of the box. If you can plug stuff in, youíre good to go and can start shipping right away. No driver installs, no long hours on hold with various tech support places, just plug everything in, turn everything on and youíre set. We do all the work so you donít have to.

And if you are running a shipping center or want to, we can add in whatís necessary for that too.

So contact Psychsoftpc today to find out how you can take advantage of shipping right from your location.

You can call us @ 617-471-8733 or fill in the form over there.

A note about us: Psychsoftpc, based in historic Quincy, MA, is a maker of high performance personal computing systems designed with performance in mind. We configure each machine using the highest quality components with the attention to detail you would expect from a bunch of Ph.D computer geeks. Founded in 1987 as part of an AIDS research project for NIH, Psychsoftpc started out creating Artificial Intelligence Natural Language software using Neural Net / fuzzy Set Algorithms for DOD, NASA, NIH and the UN. That means computers that can talk to you, you know, like in Star Trek. Disatisfied with the state of off the shelf PC hardware at the time, the folks at Psychsoftpc started designing and building high performance computers in-house to advance their research efforts. It became a natural progression for us to start providing these computers to government agencies and later to private sector and college / university research facilities, and finally, to individuals looking for high performance computers for gaming, graphics design and 3D modeling.


Psybership Everything Your Business Needs to Automate the Shipping Process in a Turn Key Solution

Okay, I'm curious about automating my shipping and how Psybership can help me. Tell me more.

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Psychsoftpc is your source for the Psybership complete turn key computerized shipping solution


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