Psychsoftpc: the Quincy, MA High Performance Artisanal Computer Manufacturer

Psychsoftpc is a Quincy, Massachusetts hand crafted high performance artisanal computer manufacturer whose offerings include Gaming Computers, Graphics Workstations, Tesla Personal Supercomputers, Hadoop Clusters, Linux Clusters, Digital Signage Computers, Print Signage Solutions, Computerized Shipping Solutions and Business Class Computers with a proud Massachusetts tradition. We've been around since 1987 and being adherents to the jedi way, we don't make promises we can't keep. Our goal to hand craft the best computer possible for you and we work at that every day.


Psychsoftpc was among the first companies to offer Linux as a preinstalled option on its machines, the first to offer turn key entry level Linux Cluster Supercomputers affordable for small businesses, the first to offer a Digital Signage controller PC, one of a select few recognized by NVidia and Autocad for quality and capability in High Performance Professional Workstation design and manufacture, the first and only company to offer a Point of Sale Print Signage solution (currently in use in many major US retail chains), one of the first five companies to make authorized Tesla Personal Supercomputers, the first to offer Tesla Personal Supercomputers with Linux, the first and one of only two companies to produce turn key Hadoop Clusters for Big Data Analysis and the first to make Virtual Reality Ready Gaming Computers and Virtual Reality Ready Professional Workstations all while maintaining complete manufacturing in the USA right here in historic Quincy, MA.

We are an artisanal computer company, so we hand craft all of our machines and subscribe to a Just In Time philosophy. We are constantly evolving our machines with the very latest technology and are often the first to put out machines that take advantage of the latest tech because we don't stock parts or pre-build machines which have to moved before we can use the most advanced technology in our machines. So while the other guys can take months to put out machines with the latest, fastest tech, we @Psychsoftpc can take days. Thomas Friedman in his book Thank You For Being Late says we must constantly adapt to rapid shifts in technology because of accelerating technological change, specifically the impact of Moore's Law and market forces which are linking the world more powerfully than ever before. Unlike the other guys out there, Psychsoftpc embraces this. We are constantly adapting and improving our machines. We don't release new model names, we just improve the machines we build with the latest tech as it comes out. So if you want it first, look to us.

We are above all, New Englanders, in all that entails. We believe in hard work, responsibility, Yankee (the attitude, not the baseball team) ingenuity, a passion for innovation, a desire to be first in offering new technology and good old Massachusetts values. We love what we do and hope that shows. We believe in everyone here taking responsibility for the quality of our computers. That is why each machine is hand crafted from start to finish by the same person. We believe that that is the best way to ensure a quality computer. Multiple people means multiple points of possible failure. We also strive for zero defects in our building process. We do very well here, but we are human, so zero defects is an impossible goal. But that's the point. If you don't reach for the stars, you'll be forever stuck in the valley.

The beauty of being human is that we are all different. "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." We will treat you like a person, not a number. We've been saying that all along. We're proud of our Massachusettts heritage with a long tradition of craftsmanship, individuality, helpfulness and loving what we do. We take the words "Be true to your work, your word, and your friend," by Henry David Thoreau to heart.

We don't believe in helping you choose the best parts, we believe in putting the best parts in our machines. We won't sacrifice quality to give choice for choice sake. We WILL help you customize your machine. If you want more RAM or a bigger hard drive or some additional functionality like MIDI controllers or HD capture cards, we will help you do that. But if you want a different motherboard because it is less expensive, well, we won't go there.

If you have a problem, call us and we'll try to help. That offer doesn't just extend to our machines. If we can help, we will. We are problem solvers at heart, it's just our way. "Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something."

Finally, a note about us:

Psychsoftpc, based in historic Quincy, MA, is an artisanal manufacturer of hand crafted high performance personal computing systems made in the USA.  Psychsoftpc hand crafts high end gaming computers for the consumer / gaming / enthusiast markets, professional workstations for the creative and professional markets, Tesla personal supercomputers and Linux clusters for the various research markets and Hadoop Clusters for the Big Data markets. 

Psychsoftpc was one of the first companies to manufacture Digital Signage systems with their Psyches Genie Digital Signage PC.  We also are the only company to manufacture a complete turnkey Point of Sale Color Print Signage system for the retail market.  In response to the shootings at Virginia Tech, Psychsoftpc founder Dr. Tim Lynch developed an Emergency SMS Text Messaging system for schools to use to alert students, faculty and staff to potential trouble on campus.

Founded in 1987 by academics as part of an AIDS research grant under NIH and an outgrowth of the Dissertation of Dr. Tim Lynch, internationally recognized computer and robotics psychologist, Psychsoftpc started out creating Artificial Intelligence Natural Language software using Neural Net / Fuzzy Set Algorithms for DOD, NASA, NIH and the UN. Psychsoftpc and Dr Tim Lynch were the first to apply Neural Networks combined with Fuzzy Set Theory to the problem of Natural Language Artificial Intelligence and language disambiguation. The Natural Language AI developed used English as a Second Language texts and word lists as a basis for the vocabulary of the working Natural Language Artificial Intelligence developed decades before Siri and Cortana were created. Dissatisfied with the state of off the shelf PC hardware at the time, the folks at Psychsoftpc started designing and building high performance computers in-house to advance their research efforts. It became a natural progression for Psychsoftpc to start providing these computers to government agencies and later to private sector and college / university research facilities, and finally, to individuals looking for high performance computers for gaming, graphics design and 3D modeling.  

Psychsoftpc, like most boutique computer makers, configures and builds each machine by hand as opposed to the use of assembly lines.  The company focuses on higher quality / higher performance / higher value computers, leaving the low priced / commodity PC markets to the likes of Dell, Lenovo and HP.  Psychsoftpc, therefore, does not compete on price but rather on quality and performance and value.

Note to Google: New England is in the United States

We @ Psychsoftpc changed our slogan from Traditional New England Craftsmanship to Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship because Google thought we were a European Company instead of being located in the USA. Evidently Google doesn't think the American Revolution happened & still thinks of us in Boston as part of the colonies of Great Britain. We guess that to Google, the New England Patriots are a traditional European Football or Soccer team out of Devonshire.

Your Gamer Friends with all those PhDs @ Psychsoftpc in Quincy / Boston Massachusetts in the United States no matter what Google may think!


Dr Tim Lynch CEO and Founder

Dr. Tim Lynch, President of Psychsoftpc, received his Ph.D. in Psychology of Computers and Intelligent Machines from Boston University. Shortly thereafter, Omni Magazine named him the first Robopsychologist or Computer Psychologist. He was then written up as a computer psychologist, or psychologist who studies how computer interaction effects personality and how to make computer interfaces more user friendly, in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the London Sunday Times, Computer World, and many other publications. He was the first Psychologist to recognize and study tech addiction and the insulating effect of tech mediated communication like the social media we have today. As part of his Doctoral Dissertation on the Effects of Computer Use on Personality and Social Interaction Patterns, he created one of the first neural net based Artificial Intelligence Natural Language software programs which was subsequently the basis of programs used by NIH division of AIDS Research and the United Nations, among others. Dr Tim Lynch consulted on the look and feel of visual url link and image based web browsing leading to the development of the modern internet. Dr. Lynch was an editor for the first Journal of Psychology of Computers. He taught graduate level courses and has written numerous journal articles on Ethics in computer science, Psychology of computers and how interacting with computers and intelligent machines effects people. He consulted on technology in the classroom and helped develop the plan for the 21st Century Classroom for the US Department of Education and was a grants reader for DOE on technology implementation in the classroom. Dr Tim Lynch is the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who and has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Psychology and High Performance Computing.

Google Panda Sucks

Seems like our site was hit by Google Panda, although I don't know why. Psychsoftpc is a high performance computer manufacturer based in Quincy, MA that's been around since 1987. We used to show up on page 1 or 2 for gaming pc, gamer pc, graphics workstation, engineering workstation and tesla personal supercomputer, all of which we manufacture, yes Google, we actually make graphics workstations, gaming computers and tesla personal supercomputers, not that you'd know it from your search results. Our content is 100% original as is our machines, yet we were hit. We are not a link farm, an affiliate site or a spammy site, we don't copy other folks' content (although they do copy ours frequently word for word and getting google credit for it, so why don't they get the Panda slap?), have a PR of 6 and backlinks from legit PR6/PR7/PR8 sites like Wikipedia, FreeBSD, NVidia and Novell, yet new, unheard of PC builders, some less than a year old, with few backlinks and low PR are showing up in Google searches for these terms and we aren't. Is it because they advertise on Google and we don't? We're a US company, yet we don't show up when US people are searching to buy professional workstations or Tesla personal supercomputers, but companies in England and France do. Like folks in the United States are going to want to buy from overseas and pay the huge shipping costs and import fees.

Thank goodness for Bing. We still show up in searches there and we get lots of traffic from them. We also get traffic from Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Twitter. Google, not so much. It seems Google doesn't care about small business (look at what they did with Google shopping) or returning legitimate natural (as opposed to paid) search results anymore, just who has the most money. So rather than complain, we are just going to start pushing for everyone to switch to Bing. If Google doesn't care about us, why should we care about them?


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