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Get your custom gaming computer your way! Design your own high performance gaming computer
to be hand crafted by Psychsoftpc in Quincy, MA USA

You want a custom gaming computer designed to your specifications and built by the good folks at Psychsoftpc, Well now's your chance. Select how you want your custom gaming PC configured and we will hand virtual reality gaming computercraft one of our renowned Psyborg Extreme Gaming PCs just for you to your very own specifications. Intel Core X Series i5 or i7 or i9. 8 Gig of  DDR4 RAM or 64. 2 TB SATA Hard Drive or 10 TB. Whatever you want, select it and we will build it. And whatever you choose, your custom gaming rig will meet all streaming requirements with the Intel Core X Series CPU. Have it your way! Be sure to fill in your contact details at the bottom!

Gaming, Streaming, Recording
Enter the realm of extreme performance where game play is so life-like it is difficult to tell where reality ends and the game begins. Surrounded by multiple high-res displays and premium audio sound, gamers can be totally immersed in the action of the best game titles or the latest virtual reality thriller. Play extreme, live extreme, game extreme on a custom gaming computer with an unlocked Intel Core X-series processor. Modern gaming extends beyond just gameplay, folks want to simultaneously share their gameplay with the community and the world by streaming. Gamers can record all the action capturing that once in a life-time maneuver that brought them to victory, and convert that game play into a sharable format to immediately post on social media. That is extreme mega tasking and the power of the Intel Core X-series processor and high end Graphics cards in our Psychsoftpc Custom Gaming Computers.

Intel Core X Series Gaming Computer

Choose your Intel CPU

Intel® 9th Gen Core™ i9 9900K 8 Core 16 Thread

 Intel® 9th Gen Core™ i7 9700K 8 Core 8 Thread

Intel® Core™ x i7-7740X 4 Core 8 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i7-7800X 6 Core 12 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i7-7820X 8 Core 16 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i9-9900X 10 Core 20 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i9-9920X 12 Core 24 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i9-9940X 14 Core 28 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i9-9960X 16 Core 32 Thread

 Intel® Core™ x i9-9980XE 18 Core 36 Thread

Choose your NVidia Geforce GTX Gaming Graphics Card

Virtual reality custom gaming computer

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1050

NVidia GeForce GTX 1060

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1070

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1080

 NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

 NVidia GeForce RTX 2070

 NVidia GeForce RTX 2080

 NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Choose your Gaming Quality RAM with heat spreaders

 8 Gig

 16 Gig

 32 Gig

 64 Gig

Choose your SATA Hard Drive Size

 2 TB

 4 TB

 6 TB

 8 TB

 10 TB

Number of Hard Drives  
Max 4

Choose your SSD Hard Drive


 120 GB

 240 GB

 480 GB

 1 TB

 2 TB

 4 TB

Choose your Optical Drives



 1 BluRay

 2 BluRay

Choose Optane Memory

Optane Memory gaming computer


 16 GB

 32 GB

Choose your Thermally Advantaged Gaming Case

 Full Tower

 Mid Tower

Enter your Contact Info



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Custom Gaming Computers and Virtual Reality

If you want to get into Virtual Reality you need a Virtual Reality Ready Custom Gaming Computer to view and create content. Our Custom Gaming Computers were the first VR Ready Gamer PCs out there and have been improved since then making our Custom Gaming Computers the fastest around. Psychsoftpc was one of the first Custom gaming computer companies and we still excel at building high performance custom gaming computers you will be proud to own and show off to your friends.  With Intel Core X Series CPUs up to 10 Core 20 Thread and Optane Memory support, Psychsoftpc Custom Gaming Computers can handle even the toughest Virtual Reality Games and Videos. Combine that with the latest NVidia Geforce GTX Gaming Computer Graphics Cards and you get a powerful Custom gaming computer that can handle everything that is thrown at it. And you want a Custom Gaming Computer that can handle the load and excel at it. You also want a custom gaming PC that can power a computer gaming 4k monitor. 4K computer gaming will be the next big thing as more computer gaming 4k monitors come down in price.

A Custom gaming pc is more than just a fun purchase for entertainment. Can Custom  gaming computers be used for school? Of course. Custom Gaming computers will make school work faster because they can handle the latest virtual reality lessons. Can Custom gaming computers be used for work? Absolutely. What makes a great Custom gaming computer makes it perfect for creating charts, editing spreadsheets, creating presentations, creating graphics, everything a person would do at work can be done better on a Custom gaming computer. Are Custom gaming computers good for photo editing? Duh! Custom gaming computers excel at handling graphics, handling large files and having multiple programs open at the same time. Are Custom gaming computers good for video editing? Well if they can handle the most intense graphics computer games put out they can handle video editing with ease. With a custom gaming PC you'll be posting your masterpiece to Youtube in no time. And Psychsoftpc makes the ultimate Custom gaming computer. So if you were searching for where to buy Custom gaming computers you found us.

Virtual Reality computer gaming is here. Is your current gaming PC ready? Oculus Rift is out, HTC Vive is out (we sell these) and Microsoft's Hololens release date isn't far away. It's time to get into Virtual Reality PC gaming. Virtual Reality isn't just for gaming either. It has uses in medicine, will be a game changer in telemedicine, architectural design and presentation, is being currently used in museums for VR walkthrouhgs of exhibits and actual Dali Paintings and has the potential for so much more uses. All of these great Virtual Reality applications require a gaming computer and a fairly powerful one at that. If you want to use Oculus Rift for VR computer gaming, you'll need a great high performance gaming computer like our Psyborg Extreme Custom Gamer PC to experience gaming in a virtual space. If you're looking to develop games or applications for the VR space with either Oculus Rift or Hololens you can use one of our higher performance Custom gaming computer models for modeling, design and rendering. Psychsoftpc does high performance gaming computers, we do it very well and we have been in this space for a very long time unlike a lot of the other late to the party folks out there you see in the top pages of Google search. Do you really trust gaming computer companies that have been only making gaming PCs for under a year? Google seems to. Can you really trust Google to present honest results then, or are there other factors at work? Let's face it, since they released Panda, Google's useful results have fallen by the wayside. Psychsoftpc designs and builds the fastest gaming computers with NVidia Geforce GTX computer gaming cards and Intel Core X Processors for gaming PCs you'll find and the best high performance gaming computers on the planet using only the latest high end NVidia GeForce GTX Custom gaming computer graphics cards, and we've been doing that since 1987. So, if you need rad Custom gaming computers to storm that castle in virtual reality you should get them from us.



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