Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer

Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer
Windows 8 Pro 64

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Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer
SUSE Linux 64

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Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer
A Tesla Personal Supercomputer for CUDA GPU Computing Made With Traditional Massachusetts Craftsmanship by Psychsoftpc of Quincy, MA

The Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer Story: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to a supercomputer any time you want? To have a supercomputer right at your desk that you canbuy tesla personal supercomputer from Psychsoftpc use right away instead of waiting for a shared time slot to open up? Think about how much more you can accomplish if you didn't have to be frustrated with waiting.  Well, that's where Tesla personal supercomputers come in.  Most folks know that Psychsoftpc has been making supercomputers for many years.  In fact, our Psychlone Cluster Supercomputer, based on SUSE Linux, was our first product (and, yes, we were one of the first companies to support Linux. We supported Linux before Linux was cool). Well, there is a new, hot technology out now, called the "Tesla Personal Supercomputer" or GPU Supercomputer, essentially a supercomputer in a box, which makes use of Tesla Personal Supercomputing Cards, or Supercomputing GPUs, from NVidia, to enable people to have a single boxnvidia tesla supercomputer right at their desk, and we just had to design one. So we are offering our own version of the version of the Tesla Personal Supercomputer, the in a box, the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer Tesla see note featuring NVidia Tesla Personal Supercomputing technology (we just had to call it "Psychlone", it's a tradition). To buy the one with the OS that's right for you, go to our Psychlone Personal Supercomputer Tesla Buy Now Page.  It has all the details of what is in the box right there for your convenience. Or fill in the form to the right so we can answer any of your questions and help you get the best Tesla based Personal Supercomputer for your needs.

So, the latest and greatest NVidia Tesla Personal Superrcomputer GPU is the Kepler based K20, which is what we are putting in our Psychlone Personal Supercomputer Tesla machines at the moment. This card delivers an incredible 3.52 teraflops of single-precision and 1.17 teraflops of double-precision computing. Here is what NVidia has to say about this card: The Tesla K20 GPU Computing Accelerator – Designed for double precision applications and the broader supercomputing market, the Tesla K20 delivers 3x the double precision performance compared to the previous generation Fermi-based Tesla M2090, in the same power envelope. Tesla K20 features a single GK110 Kepler GPU that includes the Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q features. With more than one teraflop peak double precision performance, the Tesla K20 is ideal for a wide range of high performance computing workloads including climate and weather modeling, CFD, CAE, computational physics, biochemistry simulations, and computational finance.

Speaking of tradition, you can expect the same quality and attention to detail in this single box tesla based personal supercomputer that is present in her bigger cluster sister. And of course, we are offering two models, one with SUSE Linux 64 bit Operating System and one with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit Operating System, because we support freedom of choice in computing and have been supporting Linux since 1995. In fact, we were one of the first PC manufacturers to pre-install Linux on our systems, so we were supporting Linux, especially SUSE Linux from our friends at Novell, well before Dell and HP jumped on the Linux bandwagon.

So, what can you expect from a Tesla Psychlone Personal Supercomputer with Tesla technology and what can you use it for? Because, let's face it, cool technology is great and all, but if you can't do something useful with it, what good is it.

Let's start with the Tesla Card itself, the NVidia Tesla addin card, the heart of the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer featuring Tesla technology. The use of this card is what enables us to put supercomputing power in a single box the size of a full tower PC that you probably have next to your desk right now, replacing those racks of PCs in a cluster configuration, taking up all that space and electricity. Based on the latest CUDA architecture, the NVidia Tesla GPU supports many “must have” features for technical and enterprise computing including C++ support, ECC memory for uncompromised accuracy and scalability, and a 3X increase in double precision performance compared Tesla 10-series GPUs. The Tesla Card is designed to redefine high performance computing and make supercomputing available to everyone. Each Tesla card has a Massively-Parallel Many Core Architecture with a large amount of Cuda cores and on board RAM, Asynchronous transfer capability and an upgrade to the previous generation's single & double precision floating point units. Specifically, each NVidia Tesla card gives you over one Teraflop of processing power including double precision processing and a massive amount of Cuda processing cores. Combine that with the Cuda processing power of the high end GTX GPU in the system with an additional amount of Cuda cores and you get an impressive amount of processing power in one PC. This allows you to solve computationally intensive problems at your desk that traditionally required a large cluster installation.

Okay, but what's in it for you? Well, with the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer featuring NVidia Tesla technology, the supercomputer in a box, you can tackle some of the toughest computational challenges around including drug research, oil and gas exploration, prime number theory, computational fluid dynamics, Geographic Information Services (GIS), weather simulation and computational finance right at your desk, without waiting around for time on a cluster at your school or work. You could even use it to help pick out your fantasy baseball team. And there are already plenty of applications available for you to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Psychlone Personal Supercomputer today. To go directly to our secure on-line store to buy, click here for the Psychlone  Personal Supercomputer with Windows 8 Pro 64< or here for the Psychlone  Personal Supercomputer with SUSE Linux 64.
Psychsoftpc is an authorized NVidia Tesla system partner.

If you want to get more information on it, just fill in the form to the right.

A note about us: Psychsoftpc, based in historic Quincy, MA, is a maker of high performance personal computing systems designed with performance in mind. We configure each machine using the highest quality components with the attention to detail you would expect from a bunch of Ph.D computer geeks. Founded in 1987 as part of an AIDS research project for NIH, Psychsoftpc started out creating Artificial Intelligence Natural Language software using Neural Net / fuzzy Set Algorithms for DOD, NASA, NIH and the UN. That means computers that can talk to you, you know, like in Star Trek. Disatisfied with the state of off the shelf PC hardware at the time, the folks at Psychsoftpc started designing and building high performance computers in-house to advance their research efforts. It became a natural progression for us to start providing these computers to government agencies and later to private sector and college / university research facilities, and finally, to individuals looking for high performance computers for , graphics design and 3D modeling.

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