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Emergency Text Messaging System by Psychsoftpc

We developed the very affordable Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging System in response to recent crises in schools and businesses throughout the country. We’re all familiar with what happened on the Virginia Tech Campus. How the administration had problems alerting people quickly enough in that time of crisis. How the Press wrote: “If only they had warned somebody sooner;” “If only they were better prepared to get the word out.” So, how prepared are you? Are you ready to face the unthinkable?

When the unthinkable happens, you need a quick, reliable way of getting information out to students, faculty and staff. You could try to e-mail them, but they might not be in front of a computer or they might not check their e-mail regularly. But most of them have cell phones with them all the time. You know. You see them on campus everywhere. Hey, you even have one, maybe several. If only there was a way to use cell phones to get the word out. “Avoid this area.” “Stay in your dorm room.” “Go to this building.”

Well, now there is. The affordable Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging System from Psychsoftpc will allow you to store all cell phone contact data in a SQL database, enter messages quickly and broadcast them to every member of that list easily. All you need is this system, an Internet connection and a contract with one of the many Cellular Gateway Providers and your good to go. The affordable Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging System is designed for ease of use. It comes with two large SATA hard drives in RAID configuration for increased reliability. And, since it is an emergency text messaging system that you own, you do not need to worry about a messaging service provider losing data, going out of business or being unreachable. And since you control the data, you have no concerns about privacy issues for your students, faculty and staff. You wouldn’t want someone accidentally sharing their cell numbers with someone, now, would you? It also costs as a one-time expenditure about 1/10th what everyone else is charging per year for a service. And with an average cost of 5 to 7 cents per message from an SMS gateway provider, the cost per student is pretty low as well. Especially since you only pay them if you actually send text messages.

We here at Psychsoftpc are all former college professors, so as educators, this emergency text messaging system is something we are really committed about. Since we all worked in schools, we know the importance of keeping students safe. We also know the impact of budgetary constraints. this is why we designed this as a turnkey system, not a service. Our Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging System can perform the function that those messaging srvice providers offer, but at a significantly reduced cost and with no annual fee. So, we ask you, why rent when you can own? Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself?

So, yes, with the Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging System, now you can have the ability to reach folks in an emergency when you need to and under your control. Of course, this is something we hope you never have to use, but shouldn’t you have it just in case? And wouldn’t you feel better if all this was under your school’s control rather than someone else’s?

So, go ahead. fill in the form to the right and contact us today. You have nothing to lose and can maybe gain some peace of mind in the process.

A note about us: Psychsoftpc, based in historic Quincy, MA, is a maker of high performance personal computing systems designed with performance in mind. We configure each machine using the highest quality components with the attention to detail you would expect from a bunch of Ph.D computer geeks. Founded in 1987 as part of an AIDS research project for NIH, Psychsoftpc started out creating Artificial Intelligence Natural Language software using Neural Net / fuzzy Set Algorithms for DOD, NASA, NIH and the UN. That means computers that can talk to you, you know, like in Star Trek. Disatisfied with the state of off the shelf PC hardware at the time, the folks at Psychsoftpc started designing and building high performance computers in-house to advance their research efforts. It became a natural progression for us to start providing these computers to government agencies and later to private sector and college / university research facilities, and finally, to individuals looking for high performance computers for gaming, graphics design and 3D modeling.

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