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Get a gaming computer with historic performance based on the Intel Limited Edition Core i7-8086K CPU. The Intel Limited Edition Core i7-8086K CPU is an 8th gen Intel CPU. 40 years after releasing its historic 8086 processor, the one that got the x86 architecture started, Intel is offering a special limited edition anniversary processor the Core i7-8086K. This new 8th-gen Core chip maxes out at a dizzying 5GHz turbo frequency, with a default 4GHz clock speed out of the box. Intel released the new Core i7 part on June 8th, the exact anniversary of the 8086ís release. Being a K-series processor, the Core i7-8086K also has its multiplier unlocked and is ready for overclocking to even more extreme speeds, should you feel the need for speed. So get your Limited Edition 8th Gen COre i7-8086K CPU in one of our limited edition gmaing computers now!