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Psychsoftpc is a high performance computer manufacturer in Quincy, MA. We say that a lot in this web site and lots of other places on line, but what does it mean? What is a High Performance Computer anyway and how is it different from regular computer?

Well, with all the advances in processing power and GPU power these days, the distinction is getting blurred. But a high performance computer is distinguished by living on the leading edge, cutting edge, bleeding edge of computing and that's the space that Psychsoftpc plays in. It's a small sandbox in the vast desert that is the computing industry. You won't see cheap, low end computers on our site, we'll leave those to the Dells, HPs and Lenovos of the world. Truth be told, they do a much better job at cheap machines than we could ever do. Probably because we have a hard time choosing cheap, low end parts, it's just not our style. And yes, we know that ppart of engineering is living within limits and budgetary restrictions, it's just that we don't want to.

So, anyway, let's offer some definitions High Performance Computing, shall we:

So there you have it. Some idea of what we are all about. The next time you are thinking about High Performance Computers, and you will, think about us.


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