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Psybee here got bored the other day and decided to take some time off from her duties as Archmage of the College of Winterhold to give you a list some of her favorite gamer sites.  When she's not busy surfing the web or hunting down dragons, you can find her hanging around the Arcanaeum. Her favorite saying is: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result offind psychsoftpc on facebook a hundred battles."  If you appreciate this effort, please link to us.

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Okay, maybe you've read about the Gamer Bill of Rights that the folks at Stardock put out.  Well, here it is in a nice pdf format for you, suitable for framing.  And we didn't even hide it on you. PC Gamers rule!!!

Since Elves are loyal to their friends & neighbors, that's where she decided to start.

Massachusetts based Game Developers

Irrational Games is the award winning developer of System Shock II and Freedom Force. Irrational Games has studios in Quincy, MA and Canberra, Australia comprised of dedicated designers, programmers, artists and business facilitators.

Blue Fang Games is an independent game developer dedicated to creating compelling, emotionally engaging games focused on the animal kingdom that set the benchmark for broad-based family entertainment. Blue Fang’s Zoo Tycoon franchise has established itself as one of the most popular PC gaming franchises and has sold over 5 million units worldwide.

HARMONIX is a videogame development company based in Cambridge, MA. The company specializes in music-based games, and we are renowned for groundbreaking design innovation. The company's newest series, Guitar Hero, published by RedOctane, is a shrine to the glory of rock guitar and a fiendishly addictive fusion of music and gameplay.

Turbine Inc., headquartered in Westwood, MA,   is a leading producer and publisher of online subscription entertainment. Turbine has established a position at the forefront of the massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) space with its ability to create living worlds and empower players to drive the game play experience. Turbine is currently developing the first Lord of the Rings online role playing game, The Lord of the Rings Online": Shadows of Angmar" while developing and self- funding Dungeons & Dragons Online" with publishing partner Atari. Both break-through titles will join Turbine's memorable games Asheron's Call® and Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty®.

Iron Lore Entertainment was founded in October 2000 by veteran game developer Brian Sullivan and successful
entrepreneur Paul Chieffo. Makers of Titan Quest, an action role-playing game set in the mythical worlds of ancient Greece and Egypt.

Mad Doc Software is the development team behind such critically acclaimed hits as Empire Earth® II and Dungeon Siege®: Legends of Aranna ™, Mad Doc® Software, LLC has been spearheading the creation of Triple A titles for years.

Tilted Mill Entertainment, creators of Caesar IV and Children of the Nile.


mmorpg-&-mpog private servers

World Of Warcraft
mmorpg-&-mpog private servers

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gaming websites top 100


PC Game Reviews

GameZone Online - The Gamer Connection!

Gamers Hell Where gamers go first.

PC Game News

Gameworld Network PC Game News

GamesRadar GamesRadar is all about gaming. It's all about playing games and shouting about games and reviewing games and saying they're brilliant or trash and everything in between.

Creative Uncut

GameBanshee is a site devoted to providing consistent information about current and soon-to-be-released role-playing games. They provide news, reviews, previews, and interviews for a variety of RPG titles and provide additional information for our "featured" games.

Videogame Cheats - Get the latest game news, reviews, previews and cheats.

PC Game Mod Sites

The Elder Scrolls Source The source for Elder Scrolls Mods. While you're there, check out our Mod for Oblivion. See, I told you we were gamers, too. Mods for every Star Wars game out there. specializes in the modification of high end computer cases and power supplies, as well as, offering a huge inventory of unique specialty hardware items. This includes products for that extremely popular new world of water cooling. strives to put together computer cases using the latest-greatest hardware that incorporates some of the coolest mods on the Net. All cases and modified power supplies are unique and one-of-a-kind. You won't have to worry about some neighbor having the same mass produced, alien headed box as you.

Game Forums


Modern Warfare 2 Board Modern Warfare 2 Board | Preorder Modern Warfare 2 for xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Discuss all aspects of the new Call of Duty

Sim Racing Links


Game Walkthroughs

GamesWalks Video walkthroughs of recent games


Gaming Development Sites

Game Freelancing Directory


Gaming Directories and Sites

Big Video Game Directory Flight Sim Site

aviation portal

Academic Resources This website was created by our friend Sara to give students an unbiased forum where they can gather information about obtaining a video game design degree from a neutral, non-profit resource. It has active links to the actual college or university game design pages, not some 3rd party click for cash site, so you go direct to the source. And if it doesn't list every college or university, it comes pretty close. We like this approach.


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